Ted's Writing Across the Curriculum Book for Math Courses
This book provides a myriad of assignments that encourage students to think critically about math and their approach to studying math
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A. Write a letter to your students prior to the beginning of the semester

B.  Student autobiography- written prior to the beginning of class

C.  Student profile for first class introductions

D.  Analysing the seven principles of good education

E.  Student/Professor success contract


A.  Student post exam questionnaire

B.  Students write a letter to a friend- an unusual course evaluation

C.  Midsemester course review/student self evaluation.

D.  Midsemester push- or how do I survive all my professors demands?

E.  Final semester push

F.  End of semester student self evaluation


A. How can we work better in groups?

B.  Encouraging student writing by example- Analysis of newspaper articles describing Harvard      research on learning in groups

C.  Developing t-charts to help analyse group functioning


A. There is a poet in all of us

B.  Student course portfolio

C.  Why study math?

D.  Assessing students and yourself using the one minute paper

E.  Finding analogies in life to clarify course concepts

F.  The diary of a student or writing a course journal


A.  Math is with us every day

B.  Math is with us all day.

C.  How did you get here- What sequence of events lead you to this course?

D.  Write your own textbook section

E.  Becoming an author- Write a short story about how the quadratic formula came to be

F.  Finding examples of math in the media

G.  Draw your very own graph

H.  Solving the mystery of word problems using the two-column format plus alternate uses.

I.  Engaging partners in a critical thinking exchange of ideas- Write and swap

J.  Vocabulary building through a multistep writing process

K.  Developing comprehension skills by combining writing with collaborative learning activities Analysing a fable and history examples